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Sunday, 26 April 2020

Recharge FASTag account in this way with BHIM app

FASTag also has to be recharged. You can also recharge it digitally. If you use BHIM app, you can recharge FASTag through it. If you do not know how to recharge FASTag from BHIM app, then in this post we are telling you this step by step.
Here’s how to get FASTag recharged with BHIM app:
First open the BHIM app on your smartphone. If your phone does not have this app, then first download it from Google Play or Apple Store.
If you have downloaded the app for the first time in your phone, then you will have to create a new account. Also the bank account has to be linked.
After this you will find some options in Transfer Money on the screen of the app. The Send option will appear below it. Tap on it After this you have to enter the UPI ID of your FASTag. You must have received this ID when purchasing FASTag
After this you will get the option of Send to Self. Whichever amount you want to put in the FASTag account, you have to fill the amount and tap on the Pay option.
After this you have to enter your passcode which you have registered while creating BHIM app. Doing this will recharge your FASTag

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