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Tuesday, 5 May 2020

After China's corona in India, now comes the disease of Africa - not humans but

The whole world, including India, is battling the dangerous coronavirus. Meanwhile, another new disease, African swine flu, has hit India. The disease has started spreading in Assam. About 200 pigs have died due to the effect.

In fact, on Sunday, the government told a press conference that Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Affairs Minister Atul Bora had come up against cases of African swine flu in the state. So far the disease has spread to 306 villages in 6 districts. So far 2500 pigs have died from this dangerous disease.

He also said the African Institute of High Safety Veterinary has confirmed the swine flu. The disease has entered the country for the first time. This infection is so dangerous that the death rate of infected pigs is one hundred percent.

Bora said that with the approval of the central government, the Assam government would adopt other ways to prevent the spread of the deadly infectious disease instead of killing pigs. He said the disease had nothing to do with coronavirus.

How is the flu spread?

Talking about the spread of this virus, he said that African swine flu is spread through pork, saliva, blood. That is why the Assam government will stop the transport of pigs. We have changed the diameter of 10 km to surveillance zone. So that the pig does not go anywhere else.

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