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Friday, 15 May 2020

Extreme heat waves continue in Kutch: People are restless

The first fortnight of May is nearing completion. That is when the heat wave continues. At the Kandla airport center, the mercury remained steady at 40.8 degrees Celsius with a drop of two degrees compared to yesterday. The people of Kandla Complex got partial relief from the scorching heat. The maximum temperature recorded in the district headquarters Bhuj is 40.8 degrees.

Kandla port recorded a low of 4.5 degrees Celsius and Naliya a low of 7.5 degrees Celsius. The temperature in ten cities of the state had crossed the 40 degree mark. People were relieved from the unbearable heat as the mercury dropped as the wind speed increased. Kandla (A) recorded a low of 20.8 degrees with a decrease of two degrees.

Yesterday, people in the Kandla complex became restless due to the scorching heat. People were relieved by the scorching heat as the heat mercury dropped as low as two degrees. The maximum temperature was recorded at 40.5 degrees in district headquarters Bhuj.

Atmospheric humidity was recorded at 8% in the morning and 6% in the evening. The wind speed was 5 km per hour and the direction was south-west. Kandla port recorded 4.5 degrees and Naliya 3.2 degrees.

- The temperature of ten cities in the state crossed 40 degrees
- Bhuj, Kandla Airport 40.8 degrees and Kandla Port 3.2 degrees and Naliya 3.2 degrees.

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