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Friday, 22 May 2020

The Modi government only gave so many crores of rupees to Gujaratis to fight against Korona. You will be shocked to know the amount

The Corona virus is currently causing havoc across the country. The number of corona in India has crossed 1 lakh. According to experts, the current situation is even more serious in India than in China. Lockdowns apply in most areas around the world. Economic activity is off across the country.

Due to which people are also having difficulty in getting money for food. Not only the people but also the state governments are facing shortage of money. State governments need funds to fight the Corona. Funds have been announced by the Central Government for its completion. The finance ministry has released Rs 46,038.70 crore of the state's share in central taxes and duties.

The Ministry of Finance has released Rs 5005.25 cr as 1st installment of untied basic grants ‘in advance’ for Non-Million-plus cities to 28 states, pending finalisation of the operational guidelines. This would provide the states with vital financial resources at a critical time.
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Which state got how many rupees
Uttar Pradesh got Rs 8,255.19 crore, while Bihar got Rs 4,631.96 crore. Sikkim received the lowest amount of Rs 178.64 crore. Apart from this, West Bengal got Rs 3461.65 crore, Punjab Rs 823.16 crore, Gujarat Rs 1564.40 crore, Jharkhand Rs 1525.27 crore, Madhya Pradesh Rs 3630.30 crore, Maharashtra Rs 2824.47 crore and Rajasthan Rs 2752.65 crore.
Finance Ministry has issued sanction orders for ₹46,038.70 cr today for the May instalment of Devolution of States’ Share in Central Taxes & Duties.
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Besides, Rs 1,892.64 crore has been allotted to Andhra Pradesh, Rs 1,441.48 crore to Assam and Rs 894.53 crore to Kerala.
Apart from this, Chhattisgarh got Rs 1,573.60 crore, Goa Rs 177.72 crore, Haryana Rs 498.15 crore, Himachal Pradesh Rs 367.84 crore, Jharkhand Rs 1,525.27 crore, Karnataka Rs 1,678.57 crore, Madhya Pradesh Rs 3,630.60 crore, Manipur Rs 330.56 crore, Meghalaya Rs 2,383 crore, 982 crore to Telangana, Rs. 326.42 crore to Tripura and Rs. 508.27 crore to Uttarakhand.

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