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Saturday, 9 May 2020

Vacation of all colleges and universities of Gujarat extended - know the new date

Due to coronavirus, all government universities in the state, all affiliated government and grant aided as well as private colleges have been closed down by the Gujarat government's education department. The summer vacation was earlier held from 25-4-2020 to 13-6-2020 but then this vacation was extended till 16-5-2020 due to increase in lockdown.

Now there is a third lockdown in the country due to the corona virus and due to the lack of good news about the corona virus, it is time to extend this vacation again. By the order of the Governor of Gujarat, the Department of Education has extended the vacation to all Government Universities of the State and its affiliated Government-Private and Granted Colleges till 2020 2020.

Earlier, an important decision was also taken by the Director of Primary Education for schools. The new semester of elementary schools in the state will begin on June 8. All primary schools in the state will have summer vacation from May 4 to June 7. An important decision has been taken by the Director of Primary Education in view of the current situation in the state. Also, if the vacation is extended or the date is changed due to the global epidemic of Corona, it will be reported again.

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