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Saturday, 15 August 2020

New scheme launched by PM Narendra Modi

Health Card Scheme / New Scheme launched by PM Narendra Modi, one card will have an entire health record, a web record of what the disease is, where the test was done and what medicine was taken

New scheme launched by PM Narendra Modi

The doctor's prescription and test report did not need to be saved, all the knowledge are going to be within the card

If you reside during a village, you'll get treatment from a doctor receptionyou'll also order medicine online.Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the National Digital Health Mission (NDHM) from the Red Fort on the 74th Independence Day. With this, he said, this mission will convince be revolutionary within the field of health of the country. Under this, every citizen will get a digital card. This card will give people many features.

 for instance, what disease does one have? Which doctor did you see first? What tests were done? What treatment has you ever been given? What medicine does one get to take now? All the knowledge like etc. is going to be during this card.

What facilities are going to be available within the scheme?

Everyone within the country is going to be given a health card. Once you get this card, you'll not need to worry about saving all the prescriptions for doctors and medical tests.
This card will contain a private health record. this may allow the concerned doctor to urge information about your health history while treating any disease through this relevant app. this may make it easier for the doctor to treat you. If any medicine is harming you, it'll be reported from this health history.
Digi Doctor facility is going to be available. this suggests that non-public and government doctors across the country are going to be ready to register themselves.
Telemedicine is going to be available. this suggests that you simply are going to be ready to get online treatment from any doctor registered on this platform.
E-pharmacy facilities are going to be available. this suggests that you simply can order medicine online through this card.
Anyone can voluntarily join the scheme. it'll take special care of his privacy.
There will be relief from difficulties like depositing money, rushing to the hospital to form a prescription, etc. All of those things can now be made possible with one digital card.
The purpose of this scheme is to make a digital health system

Its main objective is to make a digital health system for the whole country. it'll be ready to manage health data.
Managing health data will help the govt formulate and implement health-related plans.
The government has sanctioned a fund of Rs 470 crore for NDHM.
What will the DG Doctor need to do?
All doctors within the country are going to be allowed to register on the NDHM app. they will also give their mobile number on this platform if they want they're going to even be given the power of digital sign. they will use it on a web prescription written to the patient.

Optical fiber will reach quite 6 lakh villages during a day
Prime Minister Modi also mentioned the work being finished digital facilities within the country. "Before 2014, our country had glass fiber in 5 dozen panchayats," he said. then, in 5 years, glass fiber has reached 1.5 lakh panchayats. Village participation in digital India has also become essential. With this in mind, we planned to succeed in bent every panchayat.

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