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Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Gujarat Private School Fee Related Letest News

 Gujarat Private School Fee Related Letest News

Parents have been fighting for a long time to reduce school fees in schools that have been closed due to lockdowns. Then at the end of this fight the state government decided

Hital Parekh / Gandhinagar: Parents have been fighting for a long time to reduce school fees in schools closed due to lockdown. At the end of this fight, the state government has decided to give 25 per cent relief in fees for the entire academic year. Also, the school does not have to pay fees for any activity like computer, sports, entertainment. This decision will apply to everyone starting from CBSC.

Schools have been closed for 6 months and online education is being provided due to the Corona epidemic, but private schools are currently not in a position to pay fees as the lockdown has hit parents' financial income. Private school administrators are not ready to give fee relief. A hearing in this regard was held in the Gujarat High Court today. During the hearing, the High Court said that the state government has the power to decide on fees.


The High Court said, why do you ask us to be mediators?

The High Court also found out why the government did not take a decision on its own and wanted us to mediate. Why the High Court should be the mediator and the government should decide for itself and implement it. With these findings, the High Court disposed of the government's application for mediation. The High Court also left the final decision on fee reduction to the government.

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