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Monday, 12 October 2020



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 If you also want to know what the student's full form is, then read this post completely.  In this post you will learn about the following things.

 student full form in hindi

 student full form in english

 Every student (student) must know the full form of the student so that they understand the true meaning of the student and use it in their student life to become a successful and good student.

 If you want to know the full form of DNA, RNA, WBC, RBC and WHO also, read the post below.

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 So, not taking much time now, students know in full form hindi and english.

 Student full form - What is the full form of a student.

Student life is an important part of every person's life.  If the student gives the importance of time in their student life well then their whole life will be successful.

 There is no fix full form of student but whatever qualities are found in a good student.  Seeing the same, full form of student has been made.  We will know the full form of the two most popular students in this post.

 So let us now know about the student's full form in English and Hindi.

 1.  full form of student in english and hindi -

 S - Studious

 T - Truthful (honest)

 U - Understanding

 D - Disciplined (discipline beloved)

 E - Energetic (full of energy)

 N - Notable (Notable)

 T - Tolerant

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 Now students know the second full form of Hindi and English.

 2 .  full form of student in english and hindi

 S - Smart (smarter)

 T - Truthfulness

 U - Unity (Unity)

 D - Discipline (Discipline)

 E - Energy

 N - Neat & Clean (Clean)

 T - Talented (Talented)

 The future of any country is the student of today, that is why, considering the student as its importance.  One should contribute to the development of the country by becoming an ideal student.

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