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Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Home Learning You Tube Video for Standard 1 to 12 DATE- 13+10-2020

 Home Learning You Tube Video for Standard 1 to 12 DATE- 13+10-2020

Home learning has been begun by the Gujarat government because of the Koro plague. Home learning has been acquainted for understudies with learn at home when schools are shut the nation over because of Kovid 19. 


Std.1 Home Learning Video Click Here
Std.2 Home Learning Video Click Here
Std.3 Home Learning Video Click Here
Std.4 Home Learning Video Click Here
Std.5 Home Learning Video Click Here
Std.6 Home Learning Video Click Here
Std.7 Home Learning Video Click Here
Std.8 Home Learning Video Click Here
Std.9 Home Learning Video Click Here
Std.10Home Learning Video Click Here
Std.11Home Learning Video Click Here
Std.12Home Learning Video Click Here

Consistently YouTube video just as Diksha video is sent by the training office. Instructive projects are likewise circulated day by day on DD Girnar channel.
Each exertion is made with the goal that each kid can watch the video at his own comfort. Instructors call and guide the youngsters consistently. Each parent is mentioned to show this video to your youngster day by day,

Gujarat Goverment Decided Attending on the web classes ordinary has become the 'new typical' for understudies during the lockdown in India. As schools were closed as a result of the lockdown to contain the spread of Covid, online class have become the dominant focal point in understudies' life now.
Visit our site every day for day by day Home Learning you tube video.

All the data identified with instructors, for example, study materials, test papers, paper arrangements, different fliers will be accessible to you from this site.
[13/10/2020] Home Learning Direct Your You Tube Video
GCERT "Home Learning" Videos | Study From Home
DD Girnar Live TV "Home Learning" Program YouTube Videos And Diksha Application [STD 3 to 12].

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