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Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Khelo India fitness mega material

 Khelo India fitness mega material

 Matter of giving online test to the principal of the internal school and to the nodal sports teacher of the school


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                NISHTHA TALIM AHEVAL
Main TitleKhelo India
TitleOnline Test Form Khelo India
Datails Information 
  • Khelo India is being implemented by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India under which Khelo India National Training Program for School Principals and Nodal Teachers has been successfully completed by Sports Authority of India and Samagra Shiksha Gujarat..
  • The online test is scheduled to be held on Tuesday 13 10 2020. The online test time under Khelo India will be one hour so that the school principal as well as the nodal teachers of the schools can join the online test at their own convenience.
How To Give An Online Test 
  • ➤Open the following link on a web browser.
  • ➤Click on login
  • ➤Choose the school principal or nodal officer teacher option
  • ➤If you search for a school principal, login to the principal's user ID and password, and if you are a nodal sports teacher, open your personal Khel India. Log in to India.
  • ➤Select the Top details option then click on the TOT ATTENDED option
  • ➤Your training will be shown in TOP ATTENDED. If it shows 1/2 in your presence then you can click on TAKE TEST option.
  • ➤If taking notice by mobile phone please call mobile screen on the right and click on TAKE TEST
  • ➤After completing the online test, click on the submit button and you will be able to see your score 
Mega material
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